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Meet Mane Frame Studio

At Mane Frame Studio, my passion lies in the art of visual storytelling, using high-quality images to evoke emotions and transport my clients through life's memories while providing glimpses of meaning, character, and enduring beauty. With expertise spanning across various photography genres, I am recognized for my exceptional professionalism in each field, be it equine photography, portraits, real estate, weddings, elopements, or senior sessions. Through my lens, I excel at capturing the essence of my subjects, whether it's the grace and power of horses in equine photography, the timeless beauty and inner personality of individuals in portraits, or the architectural charm and unique features of properties in real estate photography. For weddings and elopements, I understand the significance of every moment and aim to document the love, joy, and intimacy shared by couples, weaving their unique love stories through thoughtful and unobtrusive photography. In senior sessions, I celebrate each individual's journey and achievements, capturing their vibrant spirit during this important milestone. With a professional approach, technical expertise, and a deep passion for storytelling, I consistently deliver exceptional results that leave a lasting impression on my clients.

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